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Sargon Electromechanical Swing Gate: 230V or 24V? 110V or 12V? Make your choice!

Oxygen Automation S.r.l., new and fast growing company in Home and Building Automation is glad to announce you new products inside its Catalogue 2016!

Wherever you are in the world, whatever voltage you have It’s not a problem anymore!

Oxygen Sargon Electromechanical Swing Gate is your ideal solutions!

We are proud to announce you that our Sargon family is growing by adding our 110V and 12V swing gate motors to our existing 230V and 24V Electromechanical Swing Gate Operators!

All Sargon family products have both external body and internal engines in treated metal! No plastic inside or outside!

Sargon 110V and Sargon 12V are available with 300mm (Sargon S), 400mm (Sargon M) and 600mm stroke (Sargon L) length, in order to match your gate automation requirements in very part of the world you are!

We continue to develop new products and grow day-by-day to offer our customers always quick response, fast delivery and 100% made in Italy products at our incredible ratio: Quality/Price/Service!