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Elettra M – Compatible

Tubular Motor

  • 230V
  • Electronic Limit Switch Integrated
  • Control Unit Integrated
  • With Manual Overdrive
  • Compatible with My Higgins
Code Product Diameter Torque Speed Motorpower Length
SAS6.2001 Elettra 45M 20Nm 45mm 20Nm 16Rpm 180W 630mm
SAS6.2002 Elettra 45M 30Nm 45mm 30Nm 16Rpm 235W 630mm
SAS6.2003 Elettra 45M 50Nm 45mm 50Nm 12Rpm 285W 630mm

Rolling Shutters

Code Product Octagonal Tube Diameter Lifted Weight Octagonal Tube Diameter Lifted Weight
SAS6.2001 Elettra 45M 20Nm 60mm 19-35Kg - -
SAS6.2002 Elettra 45M 30Nm 60mm 36-55Kg 70mm 0-45Kg
SAS6.2003 Elettra 45M 50Nm 60mm 56-90Kg 70mm 46-80Kg


Code Product Round Tube Diameter Projection 2 arms Projection 4 arms Projection 6 arms
SAS6.2001 Elettra 45M 20Nm - - - -
SAS6.2002 Elettra 45M 30Nm 70mm 2m - -
SAS6.2003 Elettra 45M 50Nm 70mm - 4m 2m - 2,5m