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 Oxygen Automation S.r.l., new and fast growing company in Home and Building Automation is glad to introduce you its new revolutionary range of electro-mechanical swing operators for 2019 General Catalogue

SARGON LINE, our best seller products, is totally renewed and upgraded to newest international standards and now its renamed SARGON EVO, available in 220 Vac both 300mm and 400mm stroke

POSEIDON, new swing gate products, has always a “pipe” shape but it have been turn-up so to avoid any inconvenience in low level ground installation. It is available in 220 Vac both 300 and 400 mm stroke

CASTOR and POLLUX are new concept swing gate products in Oxygen Automation range, their shape is “linear” with strength to open swing gate up to 4 meters per leaf. They are available in 220 Vac in black and grey colour. CASTOR is equipped with opening limit switches meanwhile POLLUX is with endlessness screw drive

SARGON, POSEIDON, CASTOR and POLLUX line are already available on our premises, come and visit us in the outskirts of Bologna. All our products are rigorously 100% MADE IN ITALY

We continue to develop new products and grow day-by-day to offer our customers always quick response, fast delivery and 100% made in Italy products at our incredible ratio: Quality/Price/Service!

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact our office: info@oxygenautomation.com