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Oxygen Automation Hydraulic Swing Gate Family: Every Day Becoming Bigger!

Oxygen Automation, the new and fast growing company in Home and Building Automation field, is glad to introduce you its big Family of Hydraulic Swing Gates: both rams (above ground) and jacks (underground).

Our Paris RB, Paris SB, Hector, Hector ADV arms and our Charon and Acheron jacks are gate operators projected to give you high reliability, trust force and intensive use with an excellent quality/price ratio.

All our families of Hydraulic swing gate operators, both arm or jack, could be available as a single item or in a Kit Solutions (Mini Essential Kit or Full Complete Kit) and could be also used as retrofit of a well know premium brand products.

Our Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators are 100% Made in Italy with (5) Years warranty!

For more information: sales@oxygenautomation.com