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Top Quality Products
New Concept for Leaves up to 5 Meters
Top quality tubular motors
Merope line - mechanical limit switches
Elettra Line - wireless technology (remote radio control)
Top Quality Products
Available for Sliding Gates up to 4000Kg

Pre-After Sales Service

We develop and select the best quality products to fulfil their day-by-day requirements for home automation. If you are a distributor, an installer, and integrator or simply an appassionate end-user, our team will assist you in select and choosing our best products as well ad we support you after installation of products.


Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy according to EN 12435 and other EC normative, we grant our customer Europen Guarantee dir minimum 2 years, but the majority of our products have 3 years warranty, furthermore in some of our premium products, we grant our customers up to 5 years warranty. Despite we guarantee spares parts and technical update for all our products for minimun 5 years from shipping date

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